Does Therapy Help Treat Eating Disorders?

Question by Dia: Does therapy help treat eating disorders?
I relapsed on my bulimia, I purged 3 times this week, and binged about 5, I wanna get back to where i was when I was doing well does therapy really help it?

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Answer by Vera
Definitely! I haven’t had personal experience myself, but I’ve heard of plenty of instances where therapy has helped. It can help you look at new ways of solving habits and it can also teach you how to feel better about yourself, treat yourself right, and how to make better choices. Try out therapy! Remember, you don’t need to resort to bulimic tactics to feel better about yourself. Your size and shape does not entirely make you who you are. If you are concerned about your weight however, exercise is the best way! And lastly, don’t feel alone. There are plenty of people going through the same thing as you and plenty of people willing to help. Sorry if this answer was a lot more than you wanted, but I just wanted to help in the best way possible! Sincerely wishing you all the best.

Answer by Naguru
Consult a dietitian for your eating disorder. Here only mental health is given highest predominance.

“It happens. Hear a small story. In my village, there was an illiterate servant who went to the Railway Station to see off his boss who was going to Bangalore. Instead of Madras-Bangalore Express, he safely made his boss get into a first class compartment in a train that just now came from Bangalore. This train will return to Bangalore (from Madras only on the next day). The servant went back to the village and slept well, leaving his boss in a stationary train. The boss immediately went to sleep. The next day early morning, when the boss got up, and went outside in search of taxi to go to Malleswararn, the taxi driver said, Sir, you are still in Madras/Chennai. This is not Bangalore..”

As you say, you can get back to where you were if you are more careful and alert. The lesson here is, we should not depend always on servants.

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