Does Therapy Actually Help Depression?

Question by Richard B: Does therapy actually help depression?
My girlfriend has been battling depression for years but has never visited a therapist. She recently started taking prozac prescribed by her physician. I now have her on my insurance plan which includes mental health coverage. She is planning on visiting a psychologist.

In your experience, does going to therapy have a noticeable affect on mood, behavior, etc. Can a person “cure” their depression through therapy? I am really hoping this will help her but have to admit I am skeptical. Does it work for some/most/no people?

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Answer by liminal_lady
I don’t have personal experience with this, but there are scientific studies showing that certain kinds of therapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are as effective at treating depression as medication, and that the benefits continue even after therapy ends. While therapy doesn’t work on every person, neither do the medications, and I think it ends up working on about 60% of the people who get it, especially when they have mild or moderate depression.

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