Does She Have a Eating Disorder?

Question by BD: Does she have a eating disorder?
My girlfriend hasn’t been eating much lately. But when she eats too much, she throws up. she has gotten skinnier, and I’m worried. Is she Bulimic? Or does she have any other kind of eating disorder? What can help solve this problem?

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Answer by d[-_-]b
Yea sounds like shes bulimic! Tell her to stop thats very dangerous 🙁

Answer by elpruprulesnoone
Well Maybe she does maybe she doesn’t…I think you should talk to her about it and see what she says. If you’re really that worried then maybe she is but people’s eating habits aren’t always consistent so her appetite and stuff may be changing right now…I’m not saying don’t b concerned but if she is throwing up on purpose and refusing to eat and weight loss you really need to talk to her and find out whats wrong..just don’t make her feel like a freak

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