Does It Really Matter if I’m Underweight?

Question by AB: Does it really matter if I’m underweight?
I’m 5’9 and around 115-117 pounds. I am healthy, there’s nothing I banish from my diet, I like my body, but I know I am underweight and a few friends have expressed concern. I used to have an eating disorder but I really don’t think there is anything psychological going on as I am otherwise quite happy.

Can anyone with a medical opinion tell me if it really matters if I’m a bit skinny?
I forgot to mention, the thing that sparked my concern about this was trying out a friend’s body fat scales recently (I don’t own my own scales), and my percentage of body fat ranged between 12-13.5% … from what I have looked up that isn’t good!

Best answer:

Answer by Don’t Eat Me
as long as your body is getting the nutrients it needs, then you should be fine. but why do you want to be noticeably skinny? maybe gain 5-7lbs….you’d probably feel better and people would stop talking about you.

Answer by stardust
as long as you are healthy, ie getting your period (this is a sign that your body has enough fat and nutrients) then you should be fine, some people are just like that!

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