Does Anyone Out Here Have ADD or Manic Depessive Illness?

Question by musicman47: Does anyone out here have ADD or Manic Depessive Illness?
Hi everyone!
I am a man in his 40’s with ADD. But I am beginning to wonder if I have Bipolar Disorder also? From the systems I have heard and read about, extreme high’s, ricky behavior,extremes in anger. Any help from anyone advise wise would be very much appreciated!

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Answer by lulugunn
My husband has ADD. He also at times (when experiencing high stress) goes through behavior like this. He can’t take his Adderol because he has a very addictive personality and takes way more than he should. A close friend of mine specializes in things like this and has helped him. She actually holds teleconferences on Wednesdays. If you are interested let me know, I will send you some info. Good luck!

Answer by kimba
I do I am 35 and have had bipolar disorder (manic Depression) my whole life. I am fine with treatment and live very much a normal life. You are not alone and need to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with to help you . Psychotherpy helped me. Don’t be afraid to ask for help it is right around the corner and you will feel better and CAN feel better I promise!
Good Luck Kimba;)

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