Does Anyone Know of a Herb or Drug (Legal Ones) That Will Make Me “Not Feel” and Be “happy”?

Question by Girl Face: Does anyone know of a herb or drug (legal ones) that will make me “not feel” and be “happy”?
Okay, I’m wondering if there is any kind of legal herb or drug that will essentially make me be kind of unaware/zombie-ish or just feel happy in any situation. (like if I’m hanging out with someone and basically just want to zone out or feel good/happy) I’m not looking for a sedative or something (also this isn’t a depression issue), just kind of something that will turn off my emotions, etc.

I know this sounds terrible but without personal details, I can’t explain why this is necessary right now in my life.
Judge me if you want to, but please don’t respond unless you actually know of something like I’m looking for. I don’t want “seek counseling” or “go to a doctor” or “preachy judgemental” types of responses or mean/rude comments. Please keep that to yourself and don’t hurt my feelings. “if you have something mean to say, don’t say anything at all”

Thank you to anyone that has advice.

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Answer by [email protected]
Losing that amount of weight in such a little amount of time really isn’t healthy. It’s also not practical. Under perfect conditions, you’d only lose about 50-70 lbs.

But if you want to slim down;

-If you don’t already drink eight, try to drink two more glasses of water than you’d normaly drink each day.

-Walk for an hour, nonstop, each day

-Eat a large breakfast- which should include large amounts of; fruit, grain, vegetables.

-Find out what your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) is, and try not to consume more calories than that, daily.

-Build muscle; 1 pound of muscle consumes 35-50 calories a day.

-Try not to eat unnatural snacks(chips/candy) that contain more that 5g of sugar/fat. And absolutely NO trans fat

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