Does Anyone Know if in New York State Its Leagle to Serve Alcohol at a Nursing Home?

Question by I’m Country: Does anyone know if in New York State its leagle to serve alcohol at a nursing home?
So my mom was sent to this nursing home, they call themselves a “rehabilitation” center, but one look will tell you they’re a nursing home. She’s supposed to be there for rehab for her knees, then have a double knee replacement and then go back to this place for the post surgery rehab. Anyway, I was there today visiting, well, actually making sure everyone was doing their job, but that’s another story. And one of the aids stopped by to ask her if she wanted to go to happy hour. My mom said no and the aid left. I joked with my mom that maybe she should go, that a shot of whiskey might do her good. She told me that’s what they have at happy hour. I thought she was kidding, so I asked her if they really served alcohol at happy hour. She told me they have beer and wine coolers. So I said that it must be non-alcoholic, and she told me that its not, that its the real thing. Well, as real as beer and wine coolers can get. I tried to ask some one when I was leaving if they really serve alcohol, but the only answer I got was “I don’t know.” Does anyone know if this is leagle? It doesn’t sound right to me. This is ranking so high on my p**s-me-off-o-meter. Way above them useing the fire extinguishers as masking tape holders and leaving other peoples meds in my mom’s room.

PS: Sorry if my typing/spelling is off, my allergies are killing me and I can barely see the screen.
Of leagle age, yes, active, no. I went to bingo the other night, and most of the people there couldn’t dot their cards, they aren’t allowed to walk on their own, they have to be pushed around in a wheel chair, and they aren’t even allowed to go outside. At least I was told absolutely not when I asked if me or someone else could take my mom out for some fresh air. Most of them have dementia or althzheimers also. And God only knows if they have the proper licenses.

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Answer by jslinderml
Assuming they are careful to whom they serve, there is no reason why it would be illegal. Presumably, all of the residents are of legal age.

It sounds like the residents are fairly active and I would assume that the servers have been advised who may be on meds that conflict with alcohol.

So, legal yes. Good idea? That’s another matter…

Please note, I did make the assumption that they have the proper licensing.

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