Does Anyone Else See a Common Personality Profile in AA?

Question by abnjim5: Does anyone else see a common personality profile in AA?
I have been researching self-help groups and find a common psychological profile with Alcoholic Anonymous members. Among the many characteristics that I have discovered is a strong desire to seek assistance outside their bodies (brain) with their addiction to alcohol. Most will speak of a god or a spirit that is responsible for their “recovery” form drugs like alcohol. The use of self-will or using positive cognitive energy is discouraged. This finding of entities outside the body contradicts personal problem solving as I know it because to unlearn a behaviour (they say disease) one must go to the source of addictions which is in the body. I am puzzled, can anyone help me understand this AA process?

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Answer by saluki, from little egypt
Yeah…we’re all prone to addiction. Go figure…

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