Does Anyone Else Have a Kind of “Manic Depression” Bipolar Disorder That Begins and Ends With Agression?

Question by ragelore: Does anyone else have a kind of “manic depression” Bipolar disorder that begins and ends with agression?
ok…i am 27. ive tried to commit suicide one time two and a half years ago. I am able to hold a full time job, i graduated college, i can maintain myself and friendships and some but very few “dating” relationships. I would say that ive been angry or depressed for as long as i can remember. but i always have friends that tell me, “chin up, we love you.” so i move on. I never saw a child phycologist or thearapist when i was young or a teenager and finally, a year ago i saw a woman a few times…it was mumbo jumbo to me. so i went to this other thearapist woman who was just better fitted for me i guess. her assesment was I had general or mild depression with a certain type of bipolarness that is triggered by anger? or surfaces itself in agression. Now, im not like cybil…i know what im saying when im angry, i just cant stop it..i do feel like TWO different people. My sister od’ed on some sort of anti depressant with a lot of booze. she was in a coma and life support. (she is okay now with 150 days sober) but i fear an anti depressant will make my anger and saddness grow and Ill be lead somewhere dark.
I swore to myself id never try that again. and after seeing how my family reacted to my sister the thoughts of dying were almost totally gone. But…slowly those things arent maintaing for me. How does it come back so hard (depression)? It grabs you quickly after a long time has passed…
any advice? or similar situations may help

by the way…thanks to whomever reads that entirely! truly…

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Answer by Chester
Tough decision. My dad had it when he was around, now I have it. I know what you feel like. Ok, if you can handle the situation without any due harm to yourself or anyone else then I wouldn’t take the pills. But . . . . . . and that’s a big but, if you cannot handle the situation, you may have to take the medication. The medication makes you feel like a zombie (not a bad thing) and nothing bothers you. Nothing goes wrong with you provided you take only what the doctor proscribes.
Good luck, my dear.

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