Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work for Everyone?

Question by scorpio s: Does alcoholics anonymous work for everyone?
Just curions…anyone here that’s tried it, and there was absolutely no way it worked for you?

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Answer by fignewt0n
I have known a lot of people it didn’t work for. Lots of people are forced to go to AA and NA when they get arrested and it won’t help if you don’t want to quit. You have to do the work, it is just a support group. It helps a lot of people but those people wanted to quit, had hit their rock bottom. Lots of people also relapse. AA is an excellent program but no it doesn’t work for everyone!

Answer by T R
I had a close friend go into AA… he was not ready to change and it did not work for him but if you are committed to changing your life, then yes it does work.

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