Does a Person Weep Because of Depression? Or, to Heal FROM Depression?


Does a person weep because of depression? Or, to heal FROM depression? – Follow along: Chapter 2 continuing from page 33 My single day costs for being …


Jane Asher: Parkinson's has hit my family… but we'll never let it wreck our
These movements are the most visible symptom of Parkinson's disease, which Gordon was diagnosed with nine years ago. It is the first time they … within just a few years. This unpredictability leads many people with Parkinson's to suffer from depression. Read more on Daily Mail

For OCD, CBT May Be More Effective Than Add-On Antipsychotic
As many as 80 percent of patients receiving CBT had a symptom decrease of 25 percent or more, compared with 23 percent of patients receiving risperidone and 15 percent receiving placebo. Furthermore, 43 percent in the CBT group achieved remission … Read more on