Documentary ” How Drugs Destroys Lives, the Plague of Crystal Meth”


Documentary ” How Drugs destroys lives, The plague of Crystal Meth” – This Documentary shows how Drugs can destroy hole community’s, Louis Theroux go to Fresno in America where cheap and highly addictive drug,Crystal meth is a plague,not only in Fresno but many city’s are plagued with this Drug,heroin,cocaine and many different Drugs destroy our youth.many people live in pain and emptiness, Drugs is often used to suppress there pain.this is one of the many story’s about people living in hopelessness.but there is still hope Jesus Christ our Lord and savior can save us from our pain and emptiness.I now because i was on drugs for many years i was very empty inside of my, but when i was born again as a Christian,Jesus Christ helped my to recover. the pain and Emptiness is now Gone and i thank my savior for helping my on my long does not mean i never have a bad feeling of have bad days but i can say my life is worth something to day,i can honestly say i am a happy man.Jesus Christ want to show us that with out God we are on the road to destruction that our Sins destroy our life and that we need to be saved from our Sins,we all need to be reconciled whit God again,even if you have a happy life we still need Jesus Christ for Salvation and only then we are free and then we have real life.check my Channel and learn more about next time you think you need to try Drugs,try Jesus Christ and he show you the way to life. ps Drug rehab and drug rehabilitation treatment is always needed,if you are addictive to Drugs.But in my case


Is antiviral drug Tamiflu safe for young children?

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On December 21, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the use of the antiviral drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir) to treat children as young as two weeks of age who have shown symptoms of influenza (flu) for no longer than two days. In 1999, Tamiflu …
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My twisted rehab sex life

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We were residents at a strict segregated rehab in Southern California, and communication between opposite sexes was extremely limited. This made the task of seducing Alicia all the more daunting, more exciting and more intense. I was a serious drug …
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