Doctors, CoQ10 Can Help With Depression


Doctors, CoQ10 Can Help With Depression – Coenzyme Q10 displays antidepressant-like activity with reduction of hippocampal oxidative/nitrosative DNA damage in ch…


Cops, suicide and a father's cause
The department told its officers that if they were depressed and feeling suicidal, they could come in confidentially, receive counseling and keep their jobs. In the year after John died, 12 officers came in, got help and stayed on the job. The San … Read more on CNN International

Series on mental health in black community seeks to remove stigma
The report also said that 63 percent of African-Americans believe depression is a "personal weakness," and they are the group least likely to seek professional help for depression. Fard said the mental-health series is not just for African-Americans … Read more on Denver Post

PEARLS Helps End Depression for Seattle's Filipino Elders
Developed at the University of Washington (UW) School of Public Health in the late 1990s, the nationally adopted program uses a problem-solving approach to help people 55 or older overcome minor depression–before it can become major—and remain … Read more on New America Media

Group helping visually impaired hits milestone, helps thousands across West
“It was hard to accept,” she acknowledges. “I think I went into depression, probably from the realization that this was going to be forever. “But I managed to meet and talk … She relies on people and technology supplied by the ABVI to help her use a … Read more on The Grand Rapids Press –