Doctors Blame Poor Lifestyle, Diet

Doctors blame poor lifestyle, diet
The cure for simple obesity is to bring change in lifestyle and diet along with some exercise, however, for the latter kind medication and surgery is also recommended," adds Kaul. One has to go for regular check-up to ensure the BMI (Body Mass Index … Read more on Times of India

Winning the battle against diabetes
Early detection usually means those cells' death can be slowed or even stopped with multi-faceted management of this metabolic disorder. “Fortunately we discovered my problem before Elvis took off,” he said. “There … Among other things, our stomachs … Read more on The Cross Timbers Gazette

How to have a good heart health?
Starting with CVD, most symptoms of a cardiac disorder in a woman is different from that of a man, and so are the preventive measures and diagnostics. With extensive preventive health care facilities available, a women should not shy away from using … Read more on Times of India