Doctor Care – Depression Causes


Doctor care – Depression Causes – Throughout the course of our lives, we all experience episodes of stress, unhappiness, sadness, or grief. Often, when a loved one dies or we suffer a persona…


Student sues school district for million over Facebook bikini photo
A former Georgia high school student has filed a lawsuit claiming that a school administrator impermissibly showed an image of her in a bikini to hundreds of local parents and students, reports Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV. Chelsea Chaney, who is now a … Read more on Daily Caller

Science Proves That Siblings Can Be Total Jerks
Now a new study finds that sibling aggression, like peer aggression, causes mental distress, which can lead to anger, depression and anxiety in the child who is being targeted. The researchers found that 32 percent of the children and adolescents had … Read more on Business Insider

Cleft no more
Untreated clefts lead to a host of problems — both physical and psychological — that include poor speech, impaired hearing, regurgitation of food and liquids through the nose, frequent upper respiratory tract infections, depression, low self-esteem … Read more on The Hindu