Doc Wants Me on Eating Disorder Program?

Question by sammy: Doc wants me on eating disorder program?
couple questions…
What is it?
And what if i dont want to do it?

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Answer by Alexander
Why don’t you ask him?

Answer by Delirious
There are alot of different kinds of eating disorders. The program will help you to overcome the disorder that you have. It helps you to focus on eating healthy, and not focus on your weight. You can decide not to do it, but that would be a mistake. If your doctor thinks you have an eating disorder, you really need to do this so that it won’t control your life. Your life will be much better if you can work with this program.

Eating Disorders don't affect women only
… and awareness toward these diseases starts by recognizing that they do not discriminate by gender or age, said C. Alix Timko, PhD, director of the graduate psychology and Eating Disorder Research programs at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
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