Do You Think This Person Has an Eating Disorder If..see Picture?

Question by : Do you think this person has an eating disorder if..see picture?
If the person is leaning over and sucking in..Is this normal?? see site for picture

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Answer by Cocoa
You can never tell from one or two pictures of a small part of the body. I can only conclude that this person is thin. She might have an eating disorder, or she might just have a very fast metabolism.

Is it normal? Well, normal in America means very heavy people. But if you are on the thinner side, and you lean over than it’s normal for bones to pop out. If the picture that has the caption, ‘dolled up’ is the same person. I think the person might just have a fast metabolism. Her hair and cheeks are full and her skin colour is fairly normal.

Eating disorders are not diagnosed by your appearance, they are diagnosed by how much you eat. If you don’t eat enough, that is an eating disorder. If your eat too much, that is an eating disorder. If you purge, that is an eating disorder.

If this person is you, I would research the amount of calories you are aloud to consume (for your age and gender) which is probably around 1,200 to 1,800 and compare it to how much your intake is.

Thin people are thought to have eating disorders on many occasions, but the truth is that some skinny people are just naturally thin and are healthy.

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