Do You Think I Might Have Bipolar Disorder?

Question by ? Star ?: Do you think I might have bipolar disorder?
I’ve been trying to find out what’s wrong with me lately. I’ve been going up and down with emotions. For a week i felt really depressed and suicidal, with every building I saw I would think how I would jump off it. Besides today, I felt really good today. I actually ate something today (usually I eat little to no amounts of food), then I felt bad about that. I really regret eating something, I’m going to get fatter then I already am. Which is stupid. I went to walk somewhere, someone said “is that a scar?” and the other said “looks like a cut from a razor blade or something” other: “sometimes you can’t trust people with sharp objects” and that didn’t help, That made me feel extremely terrible, I wanted to cry.

Then I got home and thought “maybe they were talking about something else” and I felt better, now I know that they were talking about me. What else in the world would have to do with cuts from a razor blade and scars that’s not someone that’s 2 feet ahead of them. I started to read a book. I got jealous of it. I was jealous of a fictional character in a book, which is pretty pathetic. I tried talking to my friends, but nope. They just said “._.” Which I understand because I’m extremely weird. So do I have bipolar disorder? Or… Any other thing maybe? I’m so sick of being this way and not knowing. I’m already a freak so, whatever problems i have can just add on to that.

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Answer by Jessica
Your depressed

Answer by Micki 48
That isn’t any type of bipolar disorder. “I’m already a freak so, whatever problems I have can just add on to that.” That sentence says some depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and teenage hormones.

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