Do You Think Eating Disorders Are Addictions?

Question by LaLaLisa: Do you think eating disorders are addictions?
I have suffered from anorexia and bulimia for many years. I did stop last year because I was pregnant and now my baby boy is 11 months old and I was doing pretty good. Now I am starving myself again and when I do eat something that is not on my list of things I allow myself I go in the bathroom and purge. I tell my husband I am taking a shower and run the water so he does not hear. Tonight he made chile and I had some because he was so proud of himself for making it and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I ate it and then purged. I try to eat one orange in morning, one orange in the afternoon and then play around with dinner, just a bite or two. He gets really mad when he catches me but I can’t stop. I isolated myself in my eating disorder for years before I met him and I get something out of it, I feel empowered. Does anyone else do this?

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Answer by abused_kitten
I do not do this, but with a child this isnt healthy, I dont recomend doing ti while hes in the house, my brother saw my older brother pukeing often when he was around 2 and thought it was necesary now hes gotten into a habbit, PLease dont let this happen… Have your husband help you.. pick certain foods and certains times of the day when you think you’ll be most hungry and just go to the bathroom regularily try not to ‘purge’ at all for the next two weeks, set goals.. it help.. my older brother is now over belimia but hes badly annorexic and hes not proud of it… =^-^= <3 good luck.....

Answer by Muggle
You need to think of your baby boy and husband…if you keep this up you may not be around long enough to see your son off to kindergarten. It is very dangerous to yourself and your marriage and your relationship with your son. How is his self image going to be growing up, if his mom goes to the bathroom and pukes after every meal? I think eating disorders are addictions, but I also think that they are selfish. You need to get help and you need to think of others, not just yourself because your actions are hurting the ones you love whether you know it or not. Stop this before it scars someone you love.


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