Do You Have to See a Professional to Take the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) or the BAI?

Question by William: Do you have to see a professional to take the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) or the BAI?
I’m just wondering because I know it’s copyrighted so you can’t find the questions online. I just always hear about it in my psychology classes. For example, most of the example problems in my statistics courses refer to BDI scores. It interests me, so I wanted to take it.

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Answer by michele
Your psychology department may have a testing lab or testing “library”. You can request a copy to view (both the test itself – it’s a one-page, blueish background, front and back sheet of paper) and/or request to view the scoring manual.

p.s. Scroll to the bottom of the following link. If I am not mistaken – they’re using the BDI (the section with 21 items, just prior to the demographic questionnaire):

Answer by CluelessWonder
The BDI and the BAI are designed for use by trained professionals. They should be administered by knowledgeable mental health professionals who are trained in there use and interpretation. These tests are normally given by master level social workers, psychiatrists or psychologists because they have the education and training to interpret the scores. Talk to someone in your school’s counseling department, they usually have MSWs or psychs that can administer the tests.

If you are wanting to take one just for fun I am sure someone in your psyc. department has them on hand.


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