Do Liberals or Conservatives Think It Is Ok?

Question by Farak: Do liberals or conservatives think it is ok?
To give welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, even free cell phones to
1) support mothers with 3 kids by different fathers to ignorant to use contraceptives?
2) drug addicts that will not look for work
3) degenerates raised to abuse the system
4) the lazy and worthless members of society
Instead the government denies aid to hard working Americans trying to better themselves based on things like race, location, or age.
The government supports the lazy degenerates that have nothing to do with building this great country, but will not support the elderly or the veterans
Is it easier to blame a broken system on the rich or the poor? The left or the right? Than on the government its self?
Why do liberals blame conservatives while conservatives blame liberals?
When the blame is on the politicians and the government?
Guess I may have hit a nerve to the ones on welfare that know they don’t deserve it, Or to the mothers with multiple fathers. I wasn’t saying not to support the ones in need but that the system needs an over haul but I can see how some may get upset if the are included in this bunch.
And thank you to all that proved my point, you say Im whining? look at your responses I asked why blame the other side and that’s all you did. The blame is on both sides but ignorant people cannot look at the other side. Proof the whole system is broken and people are to ignorant to see it

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Answer by bobemac
liberals are loony..

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