Do I Have Anorexia Like They Say I Do?

Question by ashley: do i have anorexia like they say i do?
ok so here it goes ill start from the beginning:

ever since i can remember iv always been very conscious of my body image and weight. i was ALWAYS the smallest in my class and very skinny but i would find these small little things that i didnt like about myself. i would always try to suck in my stomach or i would wear shorts over my bathing suits. but i never really did anything about it when i was younger. anyway, im 17 now and very skinny and i know that i am but i still feel the same way that there is always room for improvement. my therapist noticed something was wrong and made me go to outpatient therapy for my “eating disorder” i dont usually starve myself but i do sometimes. and i eat only up to 500-1000 calories a day. my doctors say i have an eating disorder but i dont see it. like i do eat but im just extremely conscious of how i look and how much i eat…..what does all this sound like to you?

Best answer:

Answer by Isabella Swann
ur state is not that extreme but it certainly is a mild eating disorder. eat more. it’s alright.

Answer by Anna Dunner
That’s anorexia.


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