Do I Have Anorexia Like They Say I Do?

Question by ashley: do i have anorexia like they say i do?
ok so here it goes ill start from the beginning:

ever since i can remember iv always been very conscious of my body image and weight. i was ALWAYS the smallest in my class and very skinny but i would find these small little things that i didnt like about myself. i would always try to suck in my stomach or i would wear shorts over my bathing suits. but i never really did anything about it when i was younger. anyway, im 17 now and very skinny and i know that i am but i still feel the same way that there is always room for improvement. my therapist noticed something was wrong and made me go to outpatient therapy for my “eating disorder” i dont usually starve myself but i do sometimes. and i eat only up to 500-1000 calories a day. my doctors say i have an eating disorder but i dont see it. like i do eat but im just extremely conscious of how i look and how much i eat…..what does all this sound like to you?

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Answer by Laura H
hi, i am recovering from anorexia, and starving yourself even sometimes and that your calorie amount is so low especially for your age are really good signs that you have it too. the only thing is it dosnt mean that you have the full blast of it. and if doctor has a hunch then thats also a good indication. just go with the treatment, because trust me when i say if anything it will help not hurt and you dont want the e.d to set in and change the way you think because its not worth it.
i really hope you get better <3

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