Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Question by : Do I have an eating disorder?
I’ve always been the girl at school who everyone says has a “bottomless pit” for a stomach. I eat a ton. well actually, I used to eat a ton. But I was never overweight. I was always within the average weight range for my height. However, today I found out my best friend is moving back to Italy at the end of the school year and I am really sad about it. It’s not like I am depressed or anything, more shocked/surprised/feel bad for him.

Well to give some background, I am 16 years old, I am 5’7″ and I weigh 128 pounds. I used to be 138 lbs over the summer, but I was still 5’7″. I have not been eating as much as I used to, since summer. I have a small appetite and do not crave food constantly anymore. Its not like I am dieting or anything.

So anyways. During dinner tonight my older brother started teasing me about my not really eating dinner and kind of picking at it and I ignored him and finally told him I wasn’t in the mood (cause I was really upset about finding out it was my friend’s last year at our school…I had found out last period of the day at school). So when my brother asked “whats wrong” in a condescending babyish way I started to cry and explained to him + my parents and little brother who were at the dinner table too that my best friend was moving to Italy at the end of this school year.

Well later tonight my brother was being annoying and when I went to put my glass in the kitchen he said he felt bad about the whole friend moving away situation for me and then he went to give me a hug but I was still kind of annoyed at him so I started to walk away from him and out of the kitchen but he just kind of reached out and hugged me anyways and said “I love you amanda” in a deep voice that he used to use as the voice of our teddy bear, Sir Isaac Newton, when I used to force him to play school with me and my dolls + our teddy bear. So I kinda smiled but was like “I don’t care I’m annoyed at you, I refuse to hug you” and then he said “But I’m hugging you” and then as I was trying to get out from his hug grip he said “you are really thin. it seems unhealthy. you need to eat more, I saw how you barely touched your dinner and I think you have an eating disorder.” So i freaked out and denied it, cause I don’t…I don’t think I do at least. And then he was like “calm down, I won’t tell mom and dad as long as you get it under control.” But I don’t know what he is talking about and I feel extremely insulted.

I am not bulimic or anorexic I am just not as hungry as I used to be. There aren’t any other eating disorders, so I can’t have one, right???

I am so concerned now!
hah noo I loved my title as bottomless pit. I don’t know why but I somehow was really proud of that. and now people think of me as that but when they see me eat now my title looses a substantial amount of credibility 🙁
Also, i was trying to connect my friend moving away as the reason for me not eating much tonight but not in general because I had no idea until 5 hours ago.

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Answer by Heidi
Since you’re connecting your eating problem with your friend moving away, it could be a sign of mild depression. If YOU think it’s unhealthy, you should see a doctor. Talk to your parents about it too. Also, maybe this was subconsciously started because you didn’t like being a “bottomless pit”? Just throwing that out there, I know I hate it when people point out that I eat a lot!

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