Do I Have a Drug Problem?

Question by hubhubhi12: Do I have a drug problem?
I huff and I use prescribed narcotics when I don’t need them. I know it’s completely idiotic of me and I know the danger but I just can’t justify it. No one in my life knows this is going on. Should I tell someone? I don’t want them to be disappointed because I just overcame a 6 year battle with bulimia and I’m not like the other 17 year olds my age I don’t do it for fun. I really don’t know what to do…sorry this is so long.

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Answer by Alfred
Please stop. You don’t need to tell anyone if you can stop immediately. Use something harmless like weed. You are going to have many problems when you are older if you continue this abuse. Anyone that disagrees does not know their information.

Answer by jon_mac_usa_007
Well yes, you do. You also seem to have had some problems, but don’t accept this as your norm. You need to stop, ask your parents if you can stop on your own, everyone need help sometimes. It would be helpful if you can find someone to share your feeling, maybe you can call a teen crisis hotline.

You have had a 6 year struggle, so a little more time and you can fight this addiction as well. You asked if you have a problem, but you know you do. You are seeking for someone to push you to stop, to get help if you need it.

Some teens have an easier life than other, most keep their problems a secret too. Don’t give up, you can be strong, you can beat this too.

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