Do Conservatives Agree That Keeping Minor Drug Offenders in Prison Is a Waste of Tax Payer Money?

Question by Mister Chartreuse: Do conservatives agree that keeping minor drug offenders in prison is a waste of tax payer money?
More often, I’ll hear a conservative (normally in regard to the incarceration of some killer or rapist) say “What a waste of money. A bullet only costs 50 cents, just shoot him”.

But I never hear any calls for judicial drug policy reform from the same people. Think about how much money could be saved on the penal system if drugs were decriminalized. Now think about how much money could be made off legalizing and regulating all drugs (not to mention the plummet in gang activity and the associated savings in law enforcement decline).

We could even use the revenue to fund rehabilitation programs and deal with drug use as a societal problem rather than a judicial one – although I know how much you guys hate social programs. (The word “program” makes you physically uncomfortable, doesn’t it?)

I’m sorry if this is a cliche question for this section, but I’ve never heard what the formal conservative response is to the proposition of the legalization/regulation of drugs for financial reasons.

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I’ve never said shoot them. But you have to arrest, and question the small time dealers to get to the higher ups. Legalizing dope isnt the answer. Treating dealers more harshly is the answer

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