Do Any Guys Whatsoever Think Overweight Girls Are Attractive?

Question by Hope: Do any guys whatsoever think overweight girls are attractive?
I mean they can be pretty because i know a few pretty faced overweight girls and i’m overweight and stuff and well my reason is because as i was told “you have an eating disorder called binge eating” and i’m working on it, it isn’t easy but do any guys find some overweight girls attractive?

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Answer by ziosuna
yes there are men who think fat chicks are hot.

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Secret Binge Eating Caught On Camera – This is only a tiny binge for me (2 burgers without meat, fries, soy milk and noodles) and keep in mind I ALREADY ATE DINNER BEFORE I ate what’s shown on this video. I’m vegetarian. I ate meat years ago and I binged when I ate meat too. I have had binge eating disorder since I was about 9 due to being bullied and using it to comfort myself. I was slim up until I was about 16 then I started gaining weight. I have tried basically all mthods of losing weight including “just eating healthy” and “eating more vegetables” but I can’t stick to anything because my urge to bringe eat is stronger than anything, including wanting to be healthy or slim.


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