DISEQUILIBRIUM: The UPA Has Failed to Project Success

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The UPA has failed to project success
Those at the bottom of the pyramid have been languishing as always untouched by the so called economic miracle leading to socio-economic disparities, disorders, complexities and complications. … Carbohydrate-rich diets lead to protein-enriched eating. Read more on Daily Mail

Stir It Up: Scaling back but eating well
As a culture, in fact, it has been said that we have a national eating disorder: our obsession with healthy eating. The person … Second, make sure that plant matter — fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes — makes up the major part of what you eat … Read more on Barre Montpelier Times Argus

Demi Lovato's 10 Most Shocking Moments: Rehab, Miley Cyrus and Selena
Now an advocate against bullying, eating disorders and addictions, Demi gave us the confession that shocked us all. "Something I've never talked about before, [is] my drug use. I could hide it to where I would sneak drugs. I couldn't go without 30 … Read more on Latin Post