Discontent, Urgency, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders


discontent, urgency, anxiety, and eating disorders – an impromptu random musing on what it is like to feel constant discontent in whatever i am doing, how i used to be able to feign happiness when i was doing better, and how i will need to try to reach for something i never had (contentment and lower anxiety). totally random post.


Dance moves fight eating disorders

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A few months after her death an aunt and other family members established the foundation to raise awareness of eating disorders. Over the years the group has grown to include other community members, which provide support and education for people …
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Christmas indulgence can affect the 'food clock'

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The impact on the 'food clock' felt by many Christmas merrymakers is the same as that experienced by people who are jet-lagged, and those who work night shifts. The research, as detailed in a briefing, has shown that a protein called PKC? is critical …
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Mexico City seeks beauty in public-space makeover

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Downtown, at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception of Tlaxcoaque, the city has installed multi-colored fountains that light up at night and replaced a parking lot with a larger plaza for pedestrians. … Yet in a city defined in many ways by its …
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