Diffent Types of Depression?

Question by Cally: Diffent Types Of Depression?
I was talking to my friend about depression and she said she was suffering from a depression knowed as ” atypical depression ” i happen to suffer from depression too, but not sure which one can you please name a few. I have been depressed for about a year, i do self harm my self and have thought of suicide alot, i dont pay attention in school my brain finds it boring and careless i dont enjoy things i used to do, yeaa dont come and start complaining i only wanted to find out what type of depression i have, and you think i need help i am getting it .

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Answer by sleepless in seattle
There are many type of depression:
DSM-IV and ICD-10
Primary versus secondary depression
Unipolar versus bipolar depression
Depressive illness versus depressive symptoms
Dysthymia (chronic mild depression) versus depressive illness
and of course the atypical one.
For more info read http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/depression/classification_000001.htm

I think your’s is temporary mild depression caused by hormonal imbalance, typical during adolescence. Normally it will be gone when your hormone settles down.
Since everything you do will affect your future, it is important not to “entertain” your depression. Most of teenagers find it difficult to handle it themselves, that they turn to others for support.
The best option is the one who had this experience before, who really cares for you, and has good interest on you; usually our mothers / parents. But it could be our sister, aunt, teacher, pastor, etc. Don’t look for it from your friends, they are having the same problem. It will be like a blind guiding a blind.

Good luck

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