Did “Manic Depression” Lose Its Name to “Bipolar” Because It Is Four Syllables Long, and Bipolar Is Only Two?

Question by truth seeker: Did “Manic Depression” lose its name to “Bipolar” because it is four syllables long, and Bipolar is only two?
Bipolar is the exact same as “Manic Depression”

So what the dang

Why the new name? Is it like “Rad” being replaced with cool?

However, cool was around long before Rad emerged, anyway.

Why is there a new catchy name for Manic Depression. They are the same!

….(or are they?)

and if they are the same, you are so smart and you can explain to us why this is the case.

Don’t you think it is rediculous to rename a mental illness? What is the dang point.

Best answer:

Answer by michele
The condition has been called “bipolar disorder” for nearly a quarter of a century (24 years, to be exact).


Answer by Indigo
Maybe it started out as a separate diagnosis and they eventually were merged together under only one name.

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