[Diagnosis and the Dynamics of Alcoholism in the Elderly.]

[Diagnosis and the dynamics of alcoholism in the elderly.]

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2013; 113(6 Vypusk 2 Alkogolizm): 43-46
Krivulin EN, Mingazov AK, Bokhan NA

A comprehensive clinical examination of 462 patients (391 men and 71 women) with alcohol addiction has been conducted to identify gender-related characteristics of alcohol addiction in the elderly (over 60 years old) in relation to the time of their first doctor visit. Men and women were split into two groups (less or over 60 years old). It has been established that alcohol addiction in the elderly had gender-related clinical and dynamic differences with regard to the age at onset of alcohol consumption, progress of alcoholism and severity of psychological and social consequences. The identified clinical and dynamic characteristics require active differential treatment and prevention measures. HubMed – addiction

[The activity of drug addiction service of the Russian Federation: an assessment of statistical parameters and an analysis of results.]

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2013; 113(6 Vypusk 2 Alkogolizm): 3-8
Koshkina EA, Kirzhanova VV, Babicheva LP, Mugantseva LA

The authors studied changes in the structure of drug addiction services, the dynamics of outpatient and inpatient referrals for drug addiction treatment and effectiveness of drug addiction services in 2011 compared to the preceding period. There was a reduction of availability of drug treatment services due to the reduction of the number of drug addiction units and the depletion of human resource potential. The lack of structural development of rehabilitation sector of drug care services and low rates of its development as well as the decrease in the number of patients seeking treatment are highlighted. It has been concluded that the drug addiction services require reorganization of its regulatory and legal framework and need innovative organizational and management decisions and human resources trained in innovative thinking and technologies. HubMed – addiction

Addiction Severity Index (ASI) summary scores: Comparison of the Recent Status Scores of the ASI-6 and the Composite Scores of the ASI-5.

J Subst Abuse Treat. 2013 Jul 22;
Denis CM, Cacciola JS, Alterman AI

The characteristics and the validity of the Recent Status Scores (RSSs), the new summary scores generated by the sixth version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI-6), are compared to the fifth version of the ASI summary scores, the Composite Scores (CSs). A sample of 82 randomly selected patients from substance abuse treatment programs were interviewed with the ASI-6, the ASI-5 and were administered a validity battery of questionnaires that included measures corresponding to each of the ASI domains. Each ASI-6 RSS was significantly correlated with its corresponding ASI-5 CS. The intercorrelations among the RSSs are low and none of these correlations were statistically different from the intercorrelations among CSs. In five of the seven areas, the ASI-6 RSSs were more highly correlated to the corresponding validity measures than were the ASI-5 CSs. The ASI-6 offers more comprehensive content in its scales than do those derived with earlier ASIs. HubMed – addiction


Curr Opin Neurobiol. 2013 Jul 22;
Everitt BJ, Heberlein U

HubMed – addiction

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