Diabetes, Inflammation, Cancer, Joint, Depression, Relief and Support Part 2


Diabetes, Inflammation, Cancer, Joint, Depression, Relief and Support Part 2 – www.takebackyourhealth.com •Acetaminophen is the active pain-relieving ingredient in common drugs as Tylenol, Midol, and Anacin, and prescription medications as Percocet and Vicodin •A 5 year study of 200000 babies and children has shown that if an infant is given acetaminophen, he or she is 46 % more likely to have developed asthma by 6 or 7 •Xylitol nasal spray made from wood sugar, xylose kills the bacteria and viruses and fungus infections •Xylitol is commonly used as a sugar substitute in many foods, like chewing gums which in turn prevents tooth decay •In the study led by David Smith and Anna Vogiatzoglou, which involved 107 elderly people of ages 61 to 87 who underwent scans to measure brain volume and assess vitamin B12 levels for up to five years •People in the upper third of vitamin B12 levels were six times less likely to experience brain shrinkage than those in the lowest third •B12 is located in eggs, meat and some fish but primarily in animal source foods •Sublingual Methylcobalamin is the best absorb form of B12 and taste delicious. This is the best alternative for people who cannot have animal source foods •100% whey proteins isolate is free of lactose http


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'Flight' is much more than a plane crash movie – Entertainment

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This is indeed a thought-provoking drama, about loneliness and depression and alcoholism. Denzel Washington, playing Captain "Whip" Whitaker, puts up his strongest acting performance in years. His character is a … While some critics consider his …
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The Healing Power of Sports

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In times of great tragedy the best way to relieve the depression and devastation is a sense of normalcy and speaking for myself, sports is my outlet of normal. Sports is my ability to think of life as normal, the joy of watching people perform at the …
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Bleak Friday anyone? — MILLS

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Mental health professionals report a sharp rise in complaints of depression from their patients. … Marie and Algoma, year-round relief efforts by organizations such as soup kitchens, on the front lines of the war on poverty, go into high gear for the …
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