[Depressive Schizoaffective Disorder (Typology and Manifest Episodes).]

[Depressive schizoaffective disorder (typology and manifest episodes).]

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2013; 113(3): 15-20
Bobrov AS, Rozhkova MI, Rozhkova NI

A group of patients (n=48) with a manifestation of depressive schizoaffective disorder (SAD) (F25.1 ICD-10) was studied. The considerable frequency (79.2%) of pre-manifest affective disorders, which preceded the development of psychosis in overwhelming majority of cases (81.6%), was found. In accordance with the modality of the affect, pre-manifest affective disorders were attributed to depression (60.5%), bipolar affective disorder (31.6%), with dual phases, or, more rarely, with continuous course, and hypomania (7.9%). The considerable frequency (47.9%) of hypomania, bipolar disorder, mixed depression, alternating variants of mixed disorders was found at the active stage of current depressive SAD, in the end of the attack or in the next post-psychotic period without concomitant positive symptoms. Depending on the number of psychopathological syndromes, authors singled out mono- and polymorphic structures of a manifestation of depressive SAD. A number of significant clinical features inherent to the polymorphic clinical structure of depressive SAD, including those with mixed affective disorders, was noted compared to the monomorphic structure of the attack. HubMed – depression