Depression/anxiety Drugs?

Question by Anna R: Depression/anxiety drugs?
I’ve been taking Remood and Rivotril to fight depression and anxiety. I need to get off Rivotril as it is addictive. Also, Remood is not really stopping my rapid moodswings. I have a psychologist to discuss this with but any suggestions on new/effective drugs that work well against the above mentioned problems? thanks in advance!
Thanks for all the answers all of you!

– I am seeing a psychologist now usually once a fortnight for one hour. Together with the therapy she prescribes me the drugs. I used to go to a psychiatrist but that was always a two minute procedure – doing fine? good. new prescription. that’s all, bye.

– it sounds like a lot of people are happy with Zoloft. I was really interested in this one, will discuss it with my doc.

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Answer by Geaux Tigers!!!
Do you see a psychologist or psychiatrist? Psychologists generally don’t prescribe drugs; you need a doc. Lexapro and Xanax work for my friend, although they aren’t ‘new.’ I have been good on Zoloft, also an older drug.

Answer by Ramones
Look For Paxtine it’s an anti-Depressant But it work Great with anxiety also.

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