Depression : Understanding and Treating Depression

Depression : Understanding and Treating Depression
Depression comes in many forms, including major depression, bipolar depression and dysthymic disorder, so therapists must have an understanding of the patien…



Americans are living better, longer
“We'd like to know whether health care dollars spent on treating heart attacks or managing depression could increase not only the length of life but also the quality of life.” To define the vague notion of high-quality living, Rosen and her colleagues … Read more on Boston Globe

Is Ketamine Right for You? Off-Label Prescriptions for Depression Pick Up in
A course of treatment typically costs $ 4,000 and can range up to $ 15,000—and may need to be repeated as the effects wear off. Absent large-scale clinical trials, ketamine for depression will remain a form of drug development based on testimonial and … Read more on Scientific American (blog)

Exercise 'shows some benefits' for depression
They looked at 39 trials involving 2,326 people diagnosed with depression. In 35 trials comparing exercise with control treatments or no treatment, the researchers saw moderate benefits of exercise for treating depression. However, they noted that more … Read more on Nursing Times