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Hi everyone,

I have had some serious problems with depression for many years now. I was on antidepressants which did help a little bit but I had to be weaned off them as I was struggling to pay for them every month. Considering I can’t afford those, I definitely can’t afford a counselor.

Does anybody have any tricks that worked for them? I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I eat well and I exercise 3-4 times a week, yet I am always stressed, anxious, and my libido seems to be getting lower and lower. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Benny Ploe
Speculate this catalogue of the highest ten methods to exhilarate. The subsequent period you feel sad try out one or more of these to discover what suits for you. Thereupon keep these rejoicing tools proximate for later use.

10. Breathe – Breathing is normally of rational usefulness, but sensible breathing can assist in reducing stress and anxiety. Focusing on your breathing keeps your mindfulness on the current instance and is a common integral part of reflection and meditation, a evident stress reducer. Breathe deeply and leisurely, noticing respective breath you inhale and exhale.

9. Laugh – Exhilaration and laughter is the perfect medicine. Keep proximate a book of jokes or a gratifying comic strip cartoon. When you experience blueness, imbed yourself in the spirit and go for a stomach-aching absolute laugher. Strong laughter improves your immune system and helps you abide life’s problems in contemplation.

8. Return to Nature – Go for a trek or stroll in a park, sit down by a spring, or stare at a billboard of your favorite topic or mountain scene. Reflecting on a gorgeous radical scene can raise your spirits.

7. Gratitude – Prepare a brisk list of three to five proceedings in your life for which you are beholden. Reflect on each item and recognize the absolute way it impacts your life.

6. Give of Yourself – Providing an uplifting advice or thoughtfulness to someone else also uplifts you. Call an senile relative or fellow. Tender a few minutes of your space to baby-sit or walk the dog for a busy colleague or neighbor. Helping others, moves your kernel and will benefit your spirits.

5. Exercise – A quick walk or some distinctive form of physical workout will benefit your mood. Weed the garden or trim the house. The physical exertion will help lift your penchant.

4. Daydream – Remember a great holiday or a wondrous family reunion. Reflect on a card or letter someone sent you that was affecting and showed they cared for you.

3. Use a Strength – We all have novel strengths, capabilities at which we are principally gifted. Devote one or more of your strengths in some seasoning activity.

2. Contribute Something You Care About – Contribute to a garden, a cordial house plant, a pet, or your car. When we conduce something we feed a loving, caring attention to it that is a form of bestowal. Tending is not a chore, it’s a commendation.

1. Apologize – Guilt and lamentation can hang all round us like a maximum burden, bringing on mild depression sans our awareness of the cause. Bid up a candid apology for things you’ve broken down or said that hurt others. You’ll feel the alleviation of yo

Answer by Dr.prashant kr. Singh
It is a critical condition ,so consult a Doctor.

Cancer patients require anxiety and depression screening
Cancer Patients Need Anxiety, Depression Screening. (HealthDay News) — It is important to recognize and treat anxiety or depression among cancer patients, according to a clinical guideline published online April 14 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
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