Depression Treatment: Smoking Is Associated With Greater Symptom Load in Bipolar Disorder Patients.

Smoking is associated with greater symptom load in bipolar disorder patients.

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Ann Clin Psychiatry. 2012 Nov; 24(4): 305-9
Saiyad M, El-Mallakh RS

Individuals with mental illness have a higher prevalence of smoking than those without a mental illness. Nicotine has several effects on mood and cognition. After many studies, the nature of the effect of smoking on mental illness is not clear.We performed a cross-sectional study of smoking status and symptom load in an outpatient bipolar disorder population. Data were collected and analyzed from 134 outpatients regarding smoking status and symptom profile and severity using the Rapid Psychiatric Interview Data scale.Smokers had more severe anxiety symptoms (5.2 ± 7.6 vs 2.2 ± 3.3, z = 3.8, P = .0001), depressive symptoms (9.0 ± 9.6 vs 6.5 ± 8.1, z = 3.2, P = .0015), and manic symptoms (3.0 ± 4.2 vs 1.5 ± 2.9, z = 2.1, P = .04) than nonsmokers.Smokers with bipolar disorder carry a greater symptom burden than nonsmokers. However, this is an associational study, and the true nature of the relationship is not clear.
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Characteristics of children with juvenile bipolar disorder or disruptive behavior disorders and negative mood: Can they be distinguished in the clinical setting?

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Ann Clin Psychiatry. 2012 Nov; 24(4): 261-70
Connor DF, Doerfler LA

Because of continuing controversy over distinguishing juvenile bipolar disorder (JBD) from disruptive behavior disorders (DBDs) in the clinical setting, we investigated whether referred children with a DBD and a negative mood component could be differentiated from those diagnosed with JBD. The distinction is important because treatments differ.In this single-site sample, 96 children with non-attention-deficit/hyperactivity DBD and depression were compared with 27 JBD children and 187 psychiatric comparison children on measures assessing behavior, functional impairment, symptom severity, psychopathology, and comorbid psychiatric diagnosis.Few differences were found between children with DBD and depression and those with JBD on measures of conduct problems, oppositionality, aggression, hostility, and psychopathology. More functional impairment was found in the JBD group who also had higher rates of comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorders, and suicidality than the other groups.These results do not support the specificity of aggression as a defining criterion for JBD and clinicians assessing such patients also should consider complex DBDs with an associated depressive component in the differential diagnosis. Children with JBD must be specifically assessed for comorbid developmental trauma, substance abuse, and suicidality. The association between JBD and PTSD needs further investigation in clinical research.
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[Depression. A symbolic archetypal psychopathology.]

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Vertex. 2012 May; XXIII(103): 205-211
Onofri A

Jung understood that our psyche had an archetypal structure and that its best representant was mythology. This is a different theoretical framework, with an underlying anthropology that allows us to think pathology under other epistemologic concepts. Pathology can be thought as with positive and negative aspects to consider. This approach lets us consider different types of depression based on an archetypal mythologem, which allows us to think different forms of treatment.
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