Depression Treatment: Psychological Morbidity Among Female Commercial Sex Workers With Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Psychological morbidity among female commercial sex workers with alcohol and drug abuse.

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Indian J Psychiatry. 2012 10; 54(4): 349-351
Pandiyan K, Chandrasekhar H, Madhusudhan S

INTRODUCTION: Substance abuse may act as precursors and also can form outcomes of sexual behaviors. The confluence of drug use, mental stressors, poverty, sexually transmitted diseases, low self-esteem and high-risk partners forms a fertile ground for psychological morbidity. AIM: To assess the psychological morbidity among female commercial sex workers (CSWs) who use alcohol and other substance abuse. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred consecutive CSWs with alcohol and drug abuse patients attending the psychiatric OPD at Victoria hospital were assessed clinically. Relevant investigations were also carried out. General health questionnaire and substance use disorder identification tests were administered. RESULTS: A total of 100 cases between 30-40 years of age were taken up for the study. All were abusing alcohol with tobacco chewing or smoking being (64). Eighty-seven were married. Fifty of them being illiterate. Seventy-eight were suffering from physical illness. Two were HIV patient on treatment. Seventy-eight were having psychological morbidity (depression and adjustment disorder). CONCLUSION: Preventive interventions, targeting substance abuse and stimulating healthier-environments and providing economically independent.
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A study on patient satisfaction with psychiatric services.

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Indian J Psychiatry. 2012 10; 54(4): 327-332
Holikatti PC, Kar N, Mishra A, Shukla R, Swain SP, Kar S

CONTEXT: Patient satisfaction with psychiatric services is an important construct, which influences multiple areas including treatment adherance and outcome. There is paucity of studies from India in this area. AIMS: To measure satisfaction of psychiatric outpatients of Mental Health Institute, Cuttack, and to assess the relationship between demographic and clinical variables with different domains of patient satisfaction. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: In a cross-sectional study, patients of age 18-60 years receiving treatment for at least six months from outpatient department of Mental Health Institute, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, were assessed. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Participants (n=60) were selected randomly. Satisfaction was assessed by Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire-18 (PSQ-18) and the diagnoses were based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV-TR. Severity of psychiatric disorder was measured using Clinical Global Impression-severity scale. The functioning level was assessed by Global Assessment of Functioning. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Continuous variables compared using independent t-test or analysis of variance. RESULTS: Diagnostic break-up of the patients included anxiety disorder (36.6%), major depressive disorder (30.0%), bipolar disorder (16.6%), and schizophrenia (16.6%). Greatest level of satisfaction was noted in interpersonal aspects (71.4%) and time spent with doctors (62.4%). General satisfaction level was a little over 50% (57%). Differences between composite scores of PSQ-18 in the diagnostic categories were statistically significant; patients with depression had the highest score followed by those with anxiety disorder, bipolar, and the least was with schizophrenia patients. There was variability among the demographic and clinical groups regarding the various subscale score of PSQ-18. CONCLUSIONS: Satisfaction of psychiatric outpatients was observed to be different in various clinical and demographic groups and across many domains of satisfaction.
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Psychological Impairments in the Patients with Acne.

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Indian J Dermatol. 2013 1; 58(1): 26-29
Behnam B, Taheri R, Ghorbani R, Allameh P

BACKGROUND: The psychological impacts of acne appearance and its-related negative emotional reactions have been proved; however, these reactions are varied in different populations. AIM: We investigated whether acne and its severity affected psychological functioning in those who suffered from this disorder among Iranians. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred and six patients with acne vulgaris who consecutively attended the dermatology outpatient clinics in Semnan city in 2008 were included. Among them, 103 patients met the study’s inclusion criterion and agreed to participate. One hundred and six age and gender cross-matched healthy volunteers were included as controls that attended the clinic with their diseased relatives. All acne patients were evaluated using the Symptom Check List-90 (SCL-90). RESULTS: According to the American Academy of Dermatology classification, 25.2% of the patients had mild acne, 50.5% moderate acne, and 24.3% severe acne. A higher percentage of participants than controls required further evaluation and psychological consultant when studying each psychological problem. The most common psychological symptoms requiring treatment due to disturbed daily activities in acne group were psychoticism (34.0%) and depression (31.1%), respectively. Significant positive correlations were observed between the duration of illness and SCL-90 total score. When evaluating the SCL-90 scores, patients with multiple sites of involvement were affected more severely than those with a single site of involvement. CONCLUSION: Acne vulgaris has significant effects on psychological status. Effective concomitant anti-acne therapy and psychological assessment make significant contributions for the mental health and should be strongly recommended.
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