Depression Treatment Options: Depression Treatment Options – All You Need to Know

A prolonged feeling of sadness and dejection is known as depression. The rate of mental depression has become very high. Most of the people generally don’t go for medical treatment. The reasons may be either fear or lack of health concern. Every disease demands medical attention, then why not the depression? 

Even the most serious kind of depression is curable. There are many therapies and treatments available for the treatment of depression. Treatment options as medication, exercise, psychotherapy, acupuncture. Selection of treatment depends on the particular situation and need. The following Treatments will help you to decide which one is better for you.  

Knowledge of the different treatment option is the first step of leader. You can’t have the right treatment by listening to your friend or neighbor as depression, affects everybody in a different way. Before the selection of treatment we have some tips for you to follow:  

(1) Try to learn more and more about your depression. Without this you would not be able to have the right treatment. Symptoms and severity of depression play an important role in treatment. If depression is caused by any medical attention, it must be treated first.  

(2) Be ready for some trials and experiments. You have to experiment different therapies and exercises to choose the best for you. So, don’t be impatient.  

(3) Isolation is one of the causes of depression. Having more and more social connections helps you to come out of it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  

(4) It’s impossible to avoid medication in the cases of severe depression. But in some cases therapies and natural treatment are as effective as medication. The best thing is that they don’t have any side effects. Sometimes a combination of therapy and medication give good results.  

(5) Depression treatment is a time taking process. Sometimes therapies become very painful for patient. So, he needs to have a lot of patience.  

Lifestyle changes: A way to treat depression  

Sometimes irregular life style causes depression. A little change in life style can give a great relief. Medication along with life-style changes is an effective way to overcome depression. Following things can be included in daily routine-  

Good sleep– good sleep is a powerful tool in treating depression. It affects mood a lot.

Balanced diet– Balanced diet plays an important role in the development of physical and mental health. Stress can be reduced by taking minerals and green vegetables.

Exercise– Regular exercise provides strength to your body. Brisk walking, jogging or a little yoga can help you.
Exploring medical causes of depression  

If life-style changes don’t work and you still feel depressed, then you have to consult your doctor. Your depression can be the result of any health problem. The depression won’t reduce unless the root cause is identified and treated.  

Many medical problems like high or low blood-pressure, low level of thyroid hormones, heart attack etc and their medication can cause depression. Sometimes these medications cause fatigue, sadness, dejection, oversleeping etc.  


Psychotherapy is the most effective depression treatment. Therapy not only helps to treat depression but also prevents it from coming back.  

Many types of therapies are used to treat depression such as-  

Interpersonal therapy
Cognitive behavioral.
These therapies teach you practical techniques to fight with depression and help you to avoid negative thinking. Therapy can also help you to detect and understand the causes of your depression. Therapy can help you in many forms as – making new relationships, building new social connections, improving current relationship a positive way to treat life’s problems etc. All these things help you to make changes in your life.  

Individual or group therapy  

“Therapy” doesn’t only mean a lot of sessions with a therapist. Both these therapies are very useful in depression treatment. Both last for an hour. In individual therapy, patient makes a strong relationship only with one person and shares his confidential information with him. In this therapy patient gets individual attention.  

Sometimes, group therapy can be very helpful in depression treatment. Hearing the people, going through the same problem, helps patient to overcome his problem. Patient also gets motivation tips and ideas from the other group members. Working with other group members also increases their social activities and connections.  

When therapy becomes painful  

Sometimes therapy becomes very painful and difficult for patient. He feels unable to continue it. Its reason can be the lack of good and strong relationship between patient and therapist. Discussing your problems very openly and honestly with your therapist may help you to move forward. However, it you still feel forced and uncomfortable don’t feel shy to go in to another direction.  

Medication for depression  

Sometimes medication becomes the last option, which a patient has to choose forcefully. In the cases of sever depression, medication helps to overcome some symptoms of depression. But it’s not a permanent solution. Depression is not only chemical imbalance in the brain. Antidepressant medications can’t cure the all underlying causes of depression. Antidepressants can cause so many side effects and their withdrawal is really very difficult.  

All this information can help you to take the right decision. A little medication along with other methods as lifestyle changes and therapy will not only help you to have speed recovery but also prevent recurrence of depression.  

If medication is really needed, consult a psychiatrist rather than your family doctor. As a psychiatrist has specialization in depression and advanced knowledge of its treatment and medication.  

Other Alternative depression treatment  

Vitamins and herbal remedies –  

Many depressed people have experimented with supplements, vitamins and herbal remedies. These vitamins and supplements are widely available in the market. Researches are still going on how effective these remedies are. In some cases these herbal remedies can be really promising for example if your depression is caused by nutritional deficiency, vitamins and supplements may be beneficial for you. But this remedy should be taken under the supervision of a professional. As these drugs can have serious side effects on your mind and body.  


According to some researches, acupuncture is an effective technique for depression treatment. In acupuncture, fine needles are used on some specific point of the body. If you want to try this technique, find a professional.  

Other relaxation techniques –  

Stress is the root cause of depression. Relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, swimming, deep breathing etc. can’t remove depression but can help to reduce stress.  

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