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Depression Treatment Centers Jacksonville FL – Click or Call 904-562-5515 for more information. About Depression – Depressive disorders come in different forms. Depression can be a less severe type called dysthymia or another type such as bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorders involve cycles of depression and euphoria. Mood changes are dramatic and quick. Bipolar disorder can be a recurring condition. Depression is exhibited by any combination of symptoms. Everyone who is depressed can experience different symptoms. Some symptoms of Depression are the following: Persistent sad, anxious, or empty frame of mind; Feelings of hopelessness, gloom, negativity; Feelings of blame, unimportance, helplessness; Loss of interest with hobbies and activities that were enjoyed; Insomnia or oversleeping; Overeating, weight gain and/or weight loss; Fatigue, lack of energy; Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts; Agitation, irritability, impatience; and Difficulty with concentrating, remembering things, indecisiveness in making decisions. Some people experience a few symptoms, some many. Also, seriousness of symptoms varies with individuals. CNS Healthcare Florida conducts clinical trials for new and innovative medications. Clinical “Trials” or “Studies” are a process this is required for new Medications to have FDA Approval. Working with the Pharmaceutical Companies while under the care of highly experienced physicians and research professionals, clinical “research studies” or “trials” determine if the new treatment is


Predicting who's at risk for violence isn't easy

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That includes bipolar disorder, depression and personality disorders. … Appelbaum said the most agonizing calls he gets are from parents whose children are descending into severe mental illness but who deny they are sick and refuse to go for treatment.
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Behaviorial health definitions, terminology and jargon

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Disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and some types of depression are considered serious mental illnesses. CPSA's Comprehensive Service Providers or SAMHC can make an official determination of serious mental illness that means the …
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Brian Harnois of 'Ghost Hunters' discloses diagnosis of bipolar disorder

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In his heartfelt apology to his fans for frightening them with his Facebook suicide note and disappearance last week, Brain Harnois disclosed that he is currently on medication to treat bipolar disorder. His Dec. 11 Facebook post, took many fans by …


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