Depression Treatment: [A Man With Sexual Disinhibition Caused by Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis].

[A man with sexual disinhibition caused by paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis].

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Tijdschr Psychiatr. 2013; 55(2): 129-33
de Vries CL, Koers H

SUMMARY: A 63-year-old man with symptoms of depression and sexual disinhibition was admitted to a psychiatric clinic for the elderly. Because the man’s symptoms rapidly became more severe he was referred to the emergency room. There, his illness was diagnosed as paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis with positive anti-Hu antibodies; this is a paraneoplastic neurological syndrome presenting with short-term memory loss, epileptic seizures and psychiatric symptoms. For the prognosis of the illness it is essential that the syndrome is diagnosed as early as possible. Since patients sometimes present with mainly psychiatric symptoms it is important that psychiatrists are fully informed about the symptoms and are able to make an accurate diagnosis.
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[Fatigue syndromes – an overview of terminology, definitions and classificatory concepts].

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Psychother Psychosom Med Psychol. 2013 Feb; 63(2): 69-76
Dörr J, Nater U

This article aims at giving a general view of fatigue syndromes, their description, and their differentiation. The syndromes neurasthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), and burnout are discussed. First, the historical background of fatigue classification is shortly reviewed. Each syndrome is introduced in terms of definition and classification as well as differentiation from each other. The article discusses the differentiation of the syndromes from each other as well as differentiation of CFS/ME and burnout from depression. We conclude that it is difficult to differentiate criteria due to insufficient empirical evidence. More research is needed concerning integration of the diagnoses in classification systems as well as differentiation between syndromes. High comorbidity of depression with CFS and Burnout can be shown, but diagnoses also comprise distinct symptoms.
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Psychosocial and Demographic Correlates of Drug Use in a Sample of HIV-Positive Adults Ages 50 and Older.

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Prev Sci. 2013 Feb 14;
Siconolfi DE, Halkitis PN, Barton SC, Kingdon MJ, Perez-Figueroa RE, Arias-Martinez V, Karpiak S, Brennan-Ing M

The prevalence of HIV among adults 50 and older in the USA is increasing as a result of improvements in treatment and detection of HIV infection. Substance use by this population has implications for physical and mental health outcomes. We examined patterns of demographics, mental health, and recent substance use in a diverse sample of heterosexual, bisexual, and gay adults 50 and older living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in New York City. The most commonly used substances were cigarettes or alcohol; however, the majority of the sample did not report recent use of marijuana, poppers, or hard drugs (crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, GHB, ketamine, and LSD or PCP). Statistically significant associations between substance use and psychological states (well-being and loneliness) were generally weak, and depression scores were not significantly related to use; instead, drug use was associated with gender/sexual orientation. The study observations support addressing substance use specific to subpopulations within PLWHA.
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