Depression Test for ALL Scary!


Depression Test for ALL Scary! – Description taken from A government appointed medical panel is urging doctors to routinely screen all American…


When a Retail Clinic Will Suffice
Minor depression, allergies and cholesterol screenings also are on a list of common conditions treated, compiled by the Convenient Care Association, a trade group for the industry. Most clinics will not see patients under 18 months of age, however. The … Read more on Wall Street Journal

Integration of alternative therapies shows promise in PTSD treatment
OASIS residents are offered omega-3 fatty acids supplements to reduce anxiety and depression, boost vagal nerve tone, lessen chronic pain and scale back on medication loads. Spirituality is even part of the curriculum at OASIS, with patients spending 1 … Read more on Healio

Treatment options for depression during the menopausal transition
AAPA Fellow members should complete and submit the post-test on the AAPA Web site by going to and searching for keyword JAAPA post-tests. All others may complete and submit the post-test online at no charge at Read more on Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants