Depression Symptoms Part 2 of 4


Depression Symptoms Part 2 of 4 – Another symptom of depression is a decreased energy level, or a “slowing down.” Lying around all day in bed is a common example of this. Chronic television watching, a refusal to get outside or exercise, or a general, slothful behavior can indicate such a symptom of depression. Fatigue or over-sleeping can also point toward this symptom of depression.


Magnetic brain stimulation treats depression independent of sleep effect

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While powerful magnetic stimulation of the frontal lobe of the brain can alleviate symptoms of depression, those receiving the treatment did not report effects on sleep or arousal commonly seen with antidepressant medications, researchers say. "People …
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Signs you may have an anxiety disorder

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10 Careers With High Rates of Depression · Subtle Signs of … But if you chronically find yourself lying awake, worried or agitated—about specific problems (like money), or nothing in particular—it might be a sign of an anxiety disorder. By some …
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