Depression Symptoms Part 1 of 4


Depression Symptoms Part 1 of 4 – There are many different symptoms of depression. Some of these are obvious and easily recognizable, while others are a little more difficult to discern. One of the most common symptoms of depression is a persistent sad, anxious mood. This may include such behavior as a loss of interest in an activity that once held interest for a person, or it may be a furtive search for something that one can attach meaning to. This is a very broad characterization of a depression symptom, but one of the most important ones.


Diabetes may be linked to hearing loss: study

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In a review of past research on the issue, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists found that younger diabetics were at even higher risk than older adults, though they could not explain why. "Current …
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Experts call for mental illness screening for children

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"Before there are any clinical symptoms of depression or anxiety, this test reveals a deficient ability to … perceive emotion processes … which may lead to mental illnesses." Experts are concerned about the early onset of mental disorders – a …
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