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Inflammation Further Tied to Depression Risk

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A research team led by Marie Kim Wium-Andersen, M.D., of Herlev Hospital and Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, examined whether elevated plasma levels of CRP were associated with distress and depression. Researchers analyzed CRP …


Prank victim had a history of depression

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In December 2011, Saldanha was admitted to a Mangalore hospital for a depressive disorder when she visited India with her family for Christmas, a member of her family told the newspaper. “It is true that she was taken to the Fr Muller Medical College …
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Depression, mental illness among Japan's public school teachers increasing

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Kaoruko Magane, head of the psychiatric division at Sanraku Hospital in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward, says that there has to be an adjustment with their workload to stave off the number of teachers suffering mental disorders. The hospital is actually run by …
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