Depression Symptoms & Help : How to Cope With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

Depression Symptoms & Help : How to Cope With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive
Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is signified by an elevated mood and high-risk behaviors when the person is in a manic state. Find out how to be patie…



Anna Allen raises mental health awareness
“I compare depression to a cold, you have to deal with the symptoms,” she said, describing how she would meditate and clear her head when symptoms of depression would set in. Joining Allen as speakers at the luncheon on mental illness were Liz Kendall … Read more on Thesangerherald

Antipsychotic drugs a last resort for these 5 conditions
Three studies of olanzapine found that it was not effective when used alone for depression. The combined results of five large trials of extended-release quetiapine found it helped relieve depression symptoms better than placebo, but the studies lasted … Read more on

The treatment of depression locally
At 37, Emma Doolin has come through a lot. The Waterside woman has, in recent years, come through two bouts of surgery, watched her parents deal with serious illness and in 2010, the breakdown of her marriage. All the while she has continued to work … Read more on Derry Journal

Doctors Say Reid Request For Bowel Research Money No Joke
Treatment ranges from anti-diarrheal medication to anti-depression agents used to mitigate pain, and the brain's reaction to it, he says. Source Of Suffering Unclear. Congress in 2010 asked the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences … Read more on OPB News