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HEALTH MATTERS: Aging parents: Warning signs of problems
An unkempt house or poor hygiene, including failing to bathe, wash clothes or perform basic grooming may be a sign of dementia, depression or other serious problems and warrant a visit to a doctor. * Weight loss. Rapid weight loss can signal a few … Read more on Packet Online

READER SUBMITTED: MidState Launches New Senior Emergency Care Services
Nurses in the emergency department have completed Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education and other members of the team – including physicians, pharmacists, social workers, and case managers – have all received senior-specific training to enhance the … Read more on Hartford Courant

The Topic of Cancer: Health system is under strain: so am I
It comes after a week of painful treatment, confusion and exhaustion. Its highlight was a return to my own bed on Thursday afternoon after three nights in a Brisbane hospital. I had been summoned there at the last minute on Monday, the result of a … Read more on Byron Shire News (blog)

Gitner/Sullivan: Seniors' issues discussed
If your mother is diagnosed with depression, ask the physician for the name of a geriatric psychiatrist. This is a physician who specializes in the mental health of seniors. This doctor can treat your mother if she is diagnosed with depression and can … Read more on MetroWest Daily News