Depression, Suicide & Self Harm! Uncle Raggy


Depression, Suicide & Self Harm! Uncle Raggy – I am not a physician. I am not a shrink! I offer no cures, no professional answers nor do I suggest you do one single thing I talk about. These are simple op…


Grim rise in suicides by baby boomers
As Diane Sommers, executive director of the Suicide Prevention of Yolo County crisis line, said: "With the instability in the economy and the housing market, we've noticed a lot of people calling the crisis line with anxiety, depression and sometimes … Read more on Sacramento Bee

Speak2Swatties: Let's Talk About Depression and Suicide
A list of symptoms cannot capture the seemingly unending suffering that severe depression brings, or explain how a person can come to believe that her life is not worth living. It began as anxiety. This wasn't typical stress about work or exams – it … Read more on The Daily Gazette