Depression Screening at the BEC


Depression screening at the BEC – Karen and Deb working on desensitization with Kiba for transport to Berlin Zoo. James at Kiba’s head giving reinforcement. Conversation includes the fact tha…


Brain Imaging May Guide Depression Tx
In the current study, Mayberg and colleagues recruited 62 patients with major depressive disorder (Hamilton Depression Rating Scale scores of at least 18 at screening and at least 15 at study baseline) and randomized them to either escitalopram at 10 … Read more on MedPage Today

State needs to recognize dyslexia
Despite screening in two school districts, which both resulted in a cryptic declaration of an unexplained learning disability, it was a fourth-grade teacher who let slip the D-word — dyslexia, “a neurologically-based, often familial, disorder that … Read more on Springfield News-Leader